Ca$h Club for Kid$



We need your ideas, business plans and exercises.  If you have the best one for the month you win.  Here’s how it works.

 Best New Business Plan – Tell us about your latest venture.  How is it different from other businesses?  How did you make it your own?  What will it take for others to be successful using your plan?  Remember to include age appropriateness, materials needed, upfront cost if any, time required, potential pitfalls, location needed, how to make it safe and any scripts you used so others know what to say.

 Most Profitable Business – Tell us what your costs were, how much time you spent and how much money you made to win.  

 Best New Exercises – Tell us about your idea for a good exercise that keeps a person entrepreneur mind sharp and help them learn something.  How much time does it take? What is the value of the exercise?

 All winners will receive prizes and will be published in our Newsletter and mentioned in our Monthly call.