Ca$h Club for Kid$


                                                  Ju$t For Kid$


Hey kids, I know it tough with so much to do and so little time.  Not to mention how expensive things can be.  Let's face it even if the cost is a worth while pursuit money isn't actually growing on trees.

But first I want to introduce you to my 11 year old daughter Jordan...ok she says she's taking over.
This is Jordan and I'm typing now. My dad is nice and everything, but I'm the one who needs to tell you about this because I'm the one who actually started cash club for kids without even knowing it.

Every body has something they really want that costs more money than they have.  For me it was a trip to New York with my dad and to attend the National Speakers Association youth conference. My dad and I figured that it would cost me 700 dollars to go, and my dad told me that if I could earn it that I could go. The problem was that I had only three months to come up with the money, but me and my dad came up with a business plan to wash cars. And to beat up the competition I would actually go door to door looking for cars and trucks to clean. I got a yellow mop bucket on wheels and put in a squeegee, sponge and soap in it. After practicing what I was going to say .We set off to the best neighborhood to wash cars. My dad would drop me off at the end of the street and follow along in the car as I walked house to house. He told me in advance that most people would say no but that some would say yes and it was my job to find the yeses. Boy was he right. Not only where there a lot of no's there were also a lot of no answers. I should also mention that this took place in June in Phoenix, Arizona when it was 115 degrees out. When I got a yes my dad would hop out of the car hook up the hose and help me wash the cars. My seven year old sister even helped. Within about seven hours I made about 200 dollars!

The other thing I did was an enchilada sale with my grandma. After practicing what I would say she took me around an office complex where I sold enchiladas for the following day. After an hour of rounding up the sales we went to the store, bought the ingredients and baked them up. I did this on two occasions and made over three-hundred dollars even after paying for my ingredients. After carwashing, enchalada selling, and other odd jobs I earned over seven hundred dollars in two months.

It was actually a lot of fun and the trip to New York was a blast! I got to walk around time square, hale a cab, go to a museum and make lots of friends. I also got to eat at Rays Pizza, stay at an awesome hotel and got to see a movie on an I-max screen! It was a ton of fun! I even ate at a Chinese restaurant in china town. The trip meant a lot to me because I earned it myself!

Now me and other kids want to show you how you can make money just like we did. I can tell what supplies to get, what to say, where to go, when the best times are, and how to avoid some of the mistakes I made.