Ca$h Club for Kid$


                                                    Ju$t For Parent$

As a Parent of six myself, I know the pains that we all face.
Not only am I the oldest of six,me and my wife have six children ourselves. Currently there ages are 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1. The first three are girls and of course the next three are boys.  Although I can give them most of what they want and all their needs I know it is sometimes more important to show them how to get things for themselves.   The whole "show them how to catch a fish  rather than just giving them a fish" idea. 

Of course this is easier said then done because not only do you have to make time you really could use some tools and as I have discovered there just aren't many out there.  So I started creating them myself.  Everything from business plans that have been proven through my own kids to exercises that help children learn what just isn't taught in school to how to better communicate and sell. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We need to find good productive, fun ways to spend time with our kids.
Most likely you do not have as many kids as I do but on the other hand you may have more.  In our busy lives  in today's world there just doesn't seem to be enough time to exercise,  work a job or two, do the yard work, extra curricular activities, (yes, we could add a lot more to this list) and spend time with the kids.

I'm talking about quality time too.  Not time in front of the television or in the same house but doing different things.

What's your definition of quality time with your kids?
We need to teach our children how to work.
Although we want our kids to get paid for what they know rather than what they can physically do we as parents still need them to know how to work by the "sweat of their brow".  Whether it's digging a ditch, mowing a lawn, painting a fence, washing a car or even bucking hay our youth learn a greater appreciation everything around them.   They will also learn the value of an education and being the leader in an organization. 

We need them to form good habits.
Many families understand and teach the value of an education.  To reinforce these values the encourage and create good habits of homework and studying.  You may talk about college, what your youth want to be when they grow up and other fun topics that help them visualize their goals.

A great number of families also understand the importance of good health and proper eating habits.  To reinforce these values they encourage eating some foods in moderation and including healthy food as a regular part of their eating habits.  You may talk about how we feel when and look when we eat healthier.  These families find foods that are both healthy and they like.  It can become a fun pursuit.

Raising an Entrepreneur is also a lifestyle that is more successful when forming habits that reinforce and encourage capitalism.  Talking about what we see around us, what ideas are successful and why, what our loves are, what businesses didn't work and why are all little exercises that fuel an entrepreneurial spirit.

What habits are being formed in your home right now?

We need to ensure them self confidence and self esteem.
Mark Sanborn a the best selling author who wrote the Fred Factor said that recent polls show that most Parents now days just want their kids to be happy.  That make sense, right?  Interestingly enough it use to be that Parents just wanted their kids to do the right thing.  Of course doing the right thing doesn't always make us happy or at least not instantly. 
I realized that It was more important for me to have my children make the right choice rather than what just makes them the happiest.  In order for that to happen our children need self confidence and self esteem.  They need to be able to stretch their limits, be able to fail and know it's not the end of the world.  They also need opportunities to taste success and then to actually reach taste it.  Sure, too much losing or failure can be over whelming. 

So who is going to teach our youth this balance? 

We need them to have good communication skills for later success.
Dude, it's like important are kiddies back at the crib know what's up 'cause the dogs at the pound won't go easy on these cats, straight up, right? 
It can be hard offsetting all the other forms of communication coming at our children but if they can't communicate their ideas they are stuck at start.  Sales, interviewing, presenting and building important relationships are paramount for our children to get a fair shake.

What if there was something you could do about this?

There is just so much I don't know.
We are suppose to be so much to our kids and quite honestly I have problems helping my kids with their homework. 

We can't be expected to know everything are we?
Now the biggest pain of all...BALANCE!
If you like me your saying "great, one more thing I am supposed to do".  It's so hard making priorities and let's face it our kids are consumed with homework, sports, music, and other hobbies it's hard to balance.

So what are your priorities and how important is it for you children to become self reliant?
 Alright, enough pain.  Let's talk SOLUTIONS!

That was getting kind of depressing talk about what all of us parents have to worry about but you can ease all your pains with CA$H CLUB FOR KID$.

Setting aside the facts that your kids will have a blast running their own businesses, making money, getting mail, winning contests and making new friends all over the place. 
Your pains can be eased with:

1)      A workbook, video and audio series teaching you the 5 Building Blocks to Raising an Entrepreneur.  Hours and hours of information that will help you set your kids up for success without having to reinvent the wheel.

2)      Business Plans for kids and teens that include information on age appropriateness, material needed, upfront cost, time required, potential pitfalls, best location, how to make it safe, and scripts for your children of what they should say when selling.

3)      Exercises for you and your children to help create a lifestyle of entrepreneurialism.  These are activities that enforce good habits and business creativity.  A true entrepreneur knows how to recognize opportunity and these exercise develop this sixth sense.

4)      Monthly Newletter (kids love mail) with new business plans, entrepreneur exercises, new contests for the kids and previous contest winners.

5)      Monthly Call for every one to participate in to discuss successes and set backs.  Kids discus how they over came obstacles and what they are excited about.

6)      Contests that reward kids and teens for best new business plan, best new exercise and most profitable business for the month.

7)      4 t-shirts with any combination for parents, teens and kids.                                                                         Kids Titles:  “Can you break a $100”, “Never to young to work”, “Have laptop,     will travel”, “Have briefcase, will travel”, “CEO”, “I love my job”, and “Self Employed”.  

Parents Titles:  “I work for my kid”, “My kid pays with cash”, “GOT KIDS?”, and “My children aren’t the leaders of tomorrow their the leaders of today”.

8)      Business Cards