Ca$h Club for Kid$


                                             Ju$t For Teen$

Maybe you are not surprised that there is a section just for teens but you need to know that I realize that there is a difference between kids and teenagers.  That being said I'll get right to it and keep it brief.

If you want:
Help starting your own business
Help growing an existing business
A way to share your business with others who are looking for ways to make money

To get paid for your good ideas and hard work

To win contests

To sell your proven business plans...

Ca$hClubforKid$ and Ca$hClubforTeen$ are dedicated to helping the worlds youth become self reliant which simply means you don't have to worry so much about money.

There are 2 things that I know about your parents
1)They don't always have the money for everything you want to do.
2)Even if they have the money they don't want you to be spoiled.

Now I can't guarantee that just because your out earning money they will let you live like an adult but I can guarantee you that you can more than double your odds of getting what you want if you are willing to work for it. 

Working shows responsibility and initiative.  What are you willing to do to travel to camps, get the computer you need, buy a car, pay for college, or even make your parents life a little easier.  Ok you can forget the last one but I had to try.  Become a member and start making real money now!

 Being a member includes:

1)      A workbook, video and audio series teaching you the 5 Building Blocks to being an Entrepreneur.  Hours and hours of information that will help you set yourself up for success without having to reinvent the wheel.

2)      Business Plans for for you that include information on age appropriateness, material needed, upfront cost, time required, potential pitfalls, best location, how to make it safe, and scripts for you of what you should say when selling.

3)      Exercises for you and your parents to help create a lifestyle of entrepreneurialism.  These are activities that enforce good habits and business creativity.  A true entrepreneur knows how to recognize opportunity and these exercise develop this sixth sense.

4)      Monthly Newletter with new business plans, entrepreneur exercises, new contests for you and previous contest winners.

5)      Monthly Call for every one to participate in to discuss successes and set backs.  You can discuss how you over came obstacles and what you are excited about as well as hearing about about teens.

6)      Contests that reward members for best new business plan, best new exercise and most profitable business for the month.

7)      4 t-shirts with any combination for parents, teens and kids.                                                   Teen Titles:  “Can you break a $100”, “Never to young to work”, “Have laptop, will travel”, “Have briefcase, will travel”, “CEO”, “I love my job”, and “Self Employed”.                        Parents Titles:  “I work for my kid”, “My kid pays with cash”, “GOT KIDS?”, and “My children aren’t the leaders of tomorrow their the leaders of today”.

8)  Business Cards